The house


Casa San Gentile

Casa San Gentile is located on the border of Piedmont and Liguria (in the Alta Langhe area). Our house is located in the hills of the Langhe from where you have a breathtaking view of 9 valleys and in the background the high peaks of the Maritime Alps that end in the Mediterranean Sea.

Casa San Gentile is a so-called ‘rustico’, an old Italian house that once started as a ‘cachot’ on a vineyard. 300 years ago it was only a shelter for the vineyard workers. 200 years ago it was enlarged into a workers’ house and later it was expanded into the current house. A large house for up to 14 people. The layout makes it very suitable for two families or a large family.

Equipped with all amenities
The house is fully equipped. In addition to the 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, there is a large kitchen with all desirable equipment. You can relax on the couch in the cozy soggiorno. It is wonderful to relax under the portico until late in the evening (at the table  or on the lounge sofa by the wood stove), with the great advantage that it is virtually mosquito-free. There are fireflies (clean air), deer, foxes, birds of prey and wild boars.

The House
Casa San Gentile is located on a slope on a plot of no less than 36,000 m2. Peace and quiet are therefore guaranteed. Around the house there are all kinds of nice (shady) places to relax and enjoy the peace and the view. There are also outdoor facilities such as two trampolines, a table tennis table, a pizza oven and of course the great swimming pool. From the terrace (on a lounger) and from the infinity pool (infinity pool) you have the most beautiful view, where the ‘million dollar view’ never gets boring. It’s different every time. And if you want, there is always a spot in the shade on the pool terrace: under the gazebo or under one of the parasols. Next to the beautiful swimming pool there is a private beach where you can play tennis, beach volleyball or football.

Beautiful environment
It is nice to walk around the house, there are numerous walking tours in the area, but also great cycling routes. And perhaps most importantly of this unspoilt environment, many authentically good restaurants and beautiful wine farms where it is nice to taste the best wines of Italy and experience the fantastic cuisine of Piedmont (slow food). And all for a good price.

The layout
The house consists of two parts with a shared kitchen and a large portico at the front. A family can stay in the old part, where there are two connected bedrooms on the first floor. They share a bathroom together.

The master bedroom is downstairs in the old house with a private bathroom where you can shower with a view of the Alps. The cozy soggiorno (small living room) also has a sofa bed.

The other part is the master bedroom with private bathroom on the first floor with a balcony. Next to this bedroom there is a small baby room with a baby bed suitable for children up to 2 years old. On the second floor there is an attic with three beds, a bunk bed and a sofa bed.

The house is especially suitable for friendly families or a large family, because you have your own privacy but are still together. Have a nice breakfast or lunch under the portico or cook together in the spacious kitchen, barbecue or bake the tastiest pizzas outside in the Italian pizza oven. Of course, you also share all outdoor facilities such as the swimming pool, sports field, table tennis table and trampolines.


There is central heating throughout, a gas stove in the soggiorno and a wood stove in the kitchen. There is plenty of wood in the ‘capanone’ (shed).

The kitchen is fully equipped. Dishwasher, microwave, espresso machine, slow juicer, Boretti stove with two ovens and all kinds of kitchen appliances are standard. There is also a safe for storing iPads, laptops, etc.

Around the house
Under the portico there is a lounge area with a wood-burning stove next to it. On the other side of the wood stove there is a dining table. There is also a gas barbecue.

The table tennis table can also be used as a table. For example, to enjoy freshly baked pizza from your own pizza oven.

There is plenty of space around the house and enough furniture for everyone to sit and lie down. Hammocks, parasols, lounge sets (both under the portico and on the terrace in front of the house) and a nice hanging chair ensure that there is always a place to nap or read a book.

Daily groceries
For daily shopping there is a ‘alimentari’ downstairs in the village (Sale delle Langhe) which also includes a ‘pannetaria’ (bakery) for delicious fresh bread. Even brown bread (‘integrale’ or ‘ceriale’) is available there. Next to the alimentari there is a ‘maccelaria’ (butcher) with the best Piedmontese meat. There are larger supermarkets in Ceva (a 10-minute drive). On the main road there is the Conad and the IN’s (comparable to Lidl). The IN’s and Conad are open every day but, like many other shops, closed between 1:00 PM and 3:30 PM. On Sundays the supermarkets are only open in the morning.
Opposite the Conad is the Gran Casa, a combination of a hardware store and a shop for all kinds of household items.

Ceva center
Ceva is a beautiful and cozy town. In Ceva center there are many butchers and bakers. The bakery at the beginning of the main street with beautiful old porticos has very tasty brown bread. In addition, there are greengrocers, clothing stores and, above all, many nice coffee shops in that street where you can also have a nice lunch. In Ceva there is also the nearest hospital in case the need arises. You can find a pharmacy in both Sale delle Langhe and Ceva, where you can obtain both medicines and numerous drugstore items. The market in Ceva is on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is always very pleasant.


By car
Sale San Giovanni is easily accessible. From the A6 toll road it is another 15 minutes to the house from the Ceva exit.
This exit can be taken from the south via the coastal route (from Genova) and from the north (from Torino) from the A6. The fastest way to Casa San Gentile is via the Gotthard Tunnel and then via Milan and Turin. A very beautiful route, and only 10 kilometers longer, is the route along Mont Bianco via the Gran Bernard tunnel. When the weather is nice, the Gran Bernard mountain pass is recommended, it is beautiful on the Italian side with fantastic views.

The nearest train station is in Sale delle Langhe. From Turin you can change in Fossano to the train that serves Sale delle Langhe. It is also possible to go to Ceva from Turin, the train runs more often. From Ceva you can take the train to Savona and other coastal towns in 45 minutes.

This region can also be reached by plane. The nearest airports are Turin and Genoa. With KLM you fly to Turin in 1.5 hours and a little longer to Genoa. It is then another hour’s drive by (rented) car.

You can also fly to Milan or Nice. These airports are approximately a 2.5 hour drive away. The advantage of these airports is that several airlines fly to them.


Period from to
14 persons
January 6, 2024 – February 17, 2024 € 2.400
February 17, 2024 – March 2, 2024 € 2.575
March 2, 2024 – April 27, 2024 € 2.400
April 27, 2024–May 25, 2024 € 2.800
May 25, 2024 – June 22, 2024 € 3.150
June 22, 2024 – June 29, 2024 € 3.600
June 29, 2024 – August 31, 2024
€ 4.150
August 31, 2024 – September 7, 2024 € 2.800
September 7, 2024 – September 28, 2024 € 2.575
September 28, 2024- October 12, 2024 € 2.400
October 12, 2024 – October 26, 2024 € 2.800
October 26, 2024 – December 21, 2024 € 2.300
December 21, 2024- January 4, 2025 € 2.675

Rental prices

The rental prices are per week, including WiFi, electricity, water and gas in the summer months (May to September).

Heating costs (gas) will be charged from October to mid-May. Wood is included.
The swimming pool is open from June to September (this may be deviated from depending on weather conditions).

€ 225 final cleaning (mandatory)
€ 12.50 per person for a made-up bed including bed linen and towel (mandatory)
€ 5.50 p.p. bath towel for the pool (optional)

Dogs are allowed on the ground floor in the kitchen and living room. Not in the bedroom(s).

For questions about availability and reservations, please email:

Reservations are from Saturday to Saturday in high season. Outside the high season, this can be deviated from (if possible).



Golfing in the Langhe is still attractive, fun and above all, enjoy the landscape around you. The nearest golf course is in Cherasco. A beautiful course where you can still play without crowds of fellow golfers or high fees. The golf courses in Turin are a little further away (an hour) La Mandria and I Roveri. The beautiful Margara golf course is located near Asti. These are beautiful courses, ranging from 27 to 36 holes.


For the children, there is a real safari park 15 minutes from the house that you can drive through in your own car.

The ‘Frabolandia’ amusement park is located near Mondovi. Trout fishing, playing in various playgrounds, horse riding, cycling or going to the sea are all options for a day of entertainment.

There are also beautiful caves in the area. The most beautiful are the ‘Grotta di Bossea‘ in Frabosa Soprana.

Village festivals

Throughout spring, summer and autumn, ‘Feste e Sagre’ is held in all villages in the immediate vicinity. This means that every village has its own festival and promotes a local product. In all villages there are notices showing when which festival is being held. A matter of paying attention and certainly something that should not be skipped. For the immediate area, you can find announcements in restaurants and small shops. The so-called ‘passengiandos’ are definitely worth it. These are walking tours (the most famous in Murazzano) where you take a walk in the late afternoon and evening and enjoy local wines and snacks along the way.



For those who want to visit the market every now and then, they can stroll along the stalls every day. Every village or town around here has a weekly market. In addition, there are also many markets during the summer where they show and sell local products from the relevant region. The local festivals are also accompanied by an accompanying market.

  • Monday: La Morra and Monforte d’Alba
  • Tuesday: Dogliani, Cuneo and Mondovi (Piazza Ellero)
  • Wednesday: Ceva, Mondovi and Bra
  • Thursday: Carru
  • Friday: Murazzano, Cortemilia, Bra and Cuneo
  • Saturday: Mondovì (Piazza Ellero), Garessio, Alba and Bra
  • Sunday: Farigliano

Antique markets

  • Acqui Terme: every last Sunday of the month
  • Nizza Monferato: every third Sunday of the month
  • Asti: every fourth Sunday of the month
  • Canelli: every last Sunday of the month
  • Turin: Il Gran Balon, every second Sunday of the month (really worth it, important streets and squares are: Via Borgo Dora, Via Mameli, Via Lanino, Piazza Borgo Dora, Piazza Lanino and Piazetta Mameli)

Truffle market

From the second week of October to mid-November, Alba is completely devoted to the white truffle. There are many activities, especially during the weekend.


To ski

It is already a true winter paradise in the area. For the real descents and ski safaris it is a 50 kilometer drive and then you can relax again in the evening in front of the stove in Casa San Gentile.

The ski area is just a 45-minute drive away Mondole Skiconsisting of the ski villages of Frabosa Soprana, Prato Nevoso and Artesina.

But the ski area Limone Piemonte on the French border is also easily accessible. A little closer is Garessio 2000, a small ski resort on the edge of the Alps where you can ski at the weekend with a view of the sea!

In all these ski areas you are a guest among Italian families. It is really a different winter sports experience in Southern Piedmont. While Garessio 2000 is a small area with 25 kilometers of slopes, Mondelé Ski is a very nice ski area where three villages are connected that together have 19 lifts and 105 kilometers of slopes.

Limone Piemonte is a fashionable and classic winter sports resort. Here you will find elegant brasseries and many shops. Here too, three villages are connected via 15 lifts and 80 kilometers of slopes.

In both areas it is quiet during the week because Italian families mainly come at weekends. In both areas, prices are still a lot lower than in France, Switzerland or Austria.

The Olympic ski area of ​​Sestriere is a 2-hour drive from Sale San Giovanni.

For cross-country skiing, it’s just a five-minute drive to Camerana. There is also a beautiful riding school and the opportunity to go on great mountain bike rides.

The area

The area is exceptionally green and unspoilt with breathtaking views as far as the Alps. This, in combination with the friendly people and the authentic character of the countryside, which has been fantastically preserved, makes it all a special experience. You can enjoy walking and cycling here on the normal roads, but also on the paths through the forest. A 30-minute drive takes you to the famous wine regions of Barolo and a little further, 45 minutes, the Barbaresco vineyards are also within easy reach. Much closer on the way to Dogliani are the friendly winegrowers with the beautiful Dolcetto wines. You are welcome everywhere to taste the delicious wines and the winegrowers will be happy to introduce you to their Cantina.|

Near the house there are a number of special wine growers who present (and sell) their wines with great passion. In the direction of Dogliani, the following good wineries are recommended:

Another big attraction in this neighborhood is the cheese, especially the Murazzano DOP. DOP is a quality mark for cheese. Murazzano is just a 10-minute drive away, not only worth a visit when it comes to cheese, but also the town itself is worth a visit, with medieval streets, terraces and 2 good restaurants.

Alba and Bra
You should also not miss towns such as Alba (truffle) and Bra (Slow Food). You feel the Italian life here. Enjoy a cappuccino or marrocchino on one of the many terraces while watching the people passing by.

Alba is a nice city for shopping, visiting medieval churches and good food. It is great to go to Alba, especially during truffle season, when the city breathes truffles. Dogliani is close by and you feel like an Italian among the Italians. In Bra it is worth visiting the Slow Food University, where there are always special events around food and drinks.

On the way to Mondovì lies Vicoforte with the famous and imposing Santuario. A large basilica with the largest oval dome in the world, the largest (round) dome is in St. Peter’s, but this Basilica is certainly worth a visit. Mary appeared here and has been a place of pilgrimage ever since.

(provincial) cities
The provincial cities of Cuneo and Mondovì are also definitely worth a visit. And if you really like cities, Turin and Genoa are a must see. Both cities can be reached in just an hour and offer many sights and you can experience plenty of culture.

If you want to enjoy a day at the seaside, the coast of the Flower Riviera can be reached in an hour.

(the region)

Northwest Italy, which includes the regions of Piedmont, Liguria and the Aosta Valley, offers a wide variety of landscape and nature within a relatively small area. From the ice-capped peaks of the Aosta Valley and northern Piedmont, the route takes you along the shores of large lakes, vast fields, vine-covered hills of the Langhe and Monferrato before ending on the coast: the Italian Riviera.

Piedmont has preserved its centuries-old cultural traditions, which form the basis for unique cuisine and the production of beautiful wines. Piedmont is Italy’s largest and most developed region with a wealth of history, art and gastronomic tradition. The connections with the rest of Europe are good due to an extensive road network and 3 airports.

(the region)

The Langhe is an area in Piedmont that extends from the Ligurian Apennines in the south, the Tanaro River in the west and north to the province of Asti in the east. An area with a beautiful landscape of rolling hills and forests, rich in history and a refined culinary tradition.

The Le Langhe area consists of Bassa Langa and Alta Langa. The Bassa Langa is known for its delicious (top) wines, such as Barolo and Barbaresco. But the Asti and lesser-known Dolcetto also come from the Langa. In addition, the Bassa Langa is the only area where the white truffle is found. In October/November a visit to Alba (the capital of the truffle) is more than worth a visit. Hazelnuts are grown on a large scale in the Alta Langa. Not only used for Nutella and Ferrero, but also in other delicacies. Taste the Piedmontese hazelnuts in tarts or roasted, so tasty. The area is also known for its cheese. A day of touring the area, whether by car, bicycle or on foot, always provides surprises. The landscape, the friendly people and the many opportunities for wine or cheese tasting guarantee a wonderful day.

Sale San Giovanni
(the village)

Sale delle Langhe and Sale San Giovanni (615 meters) are located on the border of Liguria and Piedmont. Until 1948 it was a village. Sale delle Langhe is an old town that was the center of tax collection in the Middle Ages. The name of both villages probably refers to the salt route from Liguria to Piedmont.

Sale San Giovanni has a beautiful Romanesque church and a castle from the 16th century. The church dates from 1200 and still has frescoes from that time. The frescoes in the cemetery date from the 16th century. The castle is richly decorated on the inside, has a monumental staircase and a glass loggia, from which you have a beautiful view over the valley. Worth seeing here are the frescoes in the churches of San Giovanni, San Sebastiano and Sant’Anastasia.

From mid-June to mid-July, Sale San Giovanni is surrounded by lavender fields, it is called la piccolo Provence. It is a big festival with market stalls, music and walking routes through the beautiful purple fields. Recommended.

Ceva, located south of Sale, actually just outside the Langhe, is the ancient capital of mushrooms. Ceva is a town 10 minutes from Sale San Giovanni with all the amenities useful, necessary or enjoyable.